Motoguzzi motorbikes are known to be some of the best in the world of motorsport and have many fans who appreciate the style, aura and the general quality that the bikes possess. In terms of history and the roots of Motoguzzi however, the company is one of seven brands owned by Piaggio and was founded in 1921 in Mandello del Lario, Italy.

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer is also known the world over for its prominence in the bike industry and has been noted for its central historic role in Italy's motorcycle prowess. It's not only known for its impressive bikes however, the company is also recognised as being at the cutting edge of innovations and industry improvements - including the wind tunnel, an eight cylinder engine and the first motorcycle centre stand. Because of Moto Guzzi's superior influence on the motorcycle stage however, they are not the cheapest bikes to purchase, however, if you're looking for quality, there are no better, so it really is a compromise.

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Motoguzzi bikes have an outstanding reputation on the world motoring scene and have, since they were established over ninety years ago, made some of the most famous and well-respected motors - they have also got 14 world speed titles to their name as well as 11 tourist trophies. As well as honourable titles however, Motoguzzi also plays a vital role in the shaping of history in the motoring world too, and has some legendary bike models under its belt. From the legendary Galletto, to the extraordinary Eight Cyclinder and the twin-cyclinder V7 special, Motoguzzi and elite bikes have always gone hand in hand. As it stands, Moto Guzzi have some of the most diverse and in demand models of any manufacturer and currently has many in production including; the Breva, Nevada Classic and Bellagio standards; California cruiser, Griso sport/standard hybrid; Norge 1200 sport tourer/GT; 1200 Sport and MGS - 01 Corsa sportbike and the Stelvio dualsport to name but a few. Moto Guzzi has also! , throughout various periods of its history, produced models specifica lly for military and police forces too - most markedly, the Italian police force and military and various US police departments including the LAPD, so in terms of diversity, they have certainly reached out to the masses. In basic terms however, Moto Guzzi is not only the oldest and most popular motorcycle manufacturer still in active production, it is one of the most innovative of its kind too. Its popularity and respect is some of the best in the world also, and is one of the reasons why it has managed to go the distance. All in all, for anybody that is serious about motorsport, Moto Guzzi is a force to be reckoned with.